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                                                    Growing Kids South Burlington

Growing Kids South Burlington brings our community together to generate the energy, ideas, and practices that make South Burlington one of the greatest places for a family to raise young children.  It is a collaborative project of the South Burlington School District and Child Care Resource connecting all community members who care about families, children, and our future.  Our mission is to ensure that all South Burlington children enter Kindergarten eager to learn and ready to participate.
Growing Kids South Burlington is currently:

  • Connecting South Burlington families with new babies to local resources through a "Welcome Baby" mailing.
  • Promoting early literacy for South Burlington residents through our Birthday Book Program, which can be accessed through the South Burlington Community Library.
  • Providing information to families with young children about fun activities in South Burlington on our blog: www.growingkidssouthburlington.blogspot.com.
  • Publishing and generating messages, articles and materials related to raising children in South Burlington on our blog and in The Other Paper.
  • Developing and distributing Kindergarten Registration bags to incoming South Burlington Kindergarteners.
  • Networking with other South Burlington community organizations such as the South Burlington Family Center, the Parks and Rec Dept, and the Library to enhance programming, services and education to families.
To contact us with questions or comments please e-mail:GrowingKids@childcareresource.org or call Amy at 863-3367 ext. 131

*Growing Kids South Burlington is sponsored by the South Burlington School District in collaboration with Child Care Resource.

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